Mercy said no
God's Love, Mental Wellness


Mercy said NO!

I could have been that kid that grew up in the streets. Having to endure the cold of the night and the cruel hardships of life in neglect.

Raised in toxicity and neglect, I could have been that child that had found herself in the wrong places looking for belonging. Defiled and abused; marking an end to sweet innocence that guides to satisfactory and functional adulthood.

Or I would have been that youngster that opted to find belonging with the wrong peers just to fit in; abusing substances and intoxicating my way to ruin and insanity.

At the brink of losing all to depression, I could have been that woman in the streets. In makeshift garments dragging loads of refuse in a make sift bag. Her face always curved in a smile of oblivion and insanity.

Having no knowledge of how to love and give myself, I would have been that divorced woman; going to bed in tears every single day for the good man that she pushed away. Not because she didn’t try, but couldn’t help it. She just couldn’t be the wife he had hoped for because her perception and character had been ruined by a messed up background, negativity, and years of rejection.

Battling self-loathing, I could have been a statistic in the records of national suicides. I could have been that hopeless person that felt like a burden to her loved ones and better off out of the picture

But mercy said NO!

On my knees, I succumbed to the loving grace of my creator and he filled me with purpose, joy, and a new start.

Every breath I take is a miracle. Thank you Jesus.

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